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General supplies:

One 3 Ring Binder (1.5'' – 2”) 2" is highly  recommended

One set of Notebook Dividers (with pockets)

Red pencils for checking work *there is one in the colored pencils

Black or Blue ball point pens

Plenty of: Loose leaf paper (wide ruled)

Colored Pencils a must for science and social studies

Post-it notes


Course specific supplies:

Social Studies: 2 Spiral Notebooks  (1 per semester)

Science: 2 Composition Notebooks  (1 per semester)

LA:  1 Composition Notebook

Math:  Graph Paper  & Spiral Notebook/Graph paper (1 per semester)

**Refill and check often that the student has paper**

Optional: Supply box to hold extra pens and pencils scissors and erasers to be kept in the student’s locker.